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GFC-S01 SAMSUNG SM Feeder Storage Cart

GFC-S01 SAMSUNG SM Feeder Storage Cart

The feeder storage cart givesyour operators a secure place to put unused feeders

between set-ups minimizingfailures due to improper storage or handling.

When its time to change over tothe next job, the cart is moved to the correct placement system, existingfeeders

on the assembler are moved to anunused shelf on the cart and the “pre-kitted” feeder set move

from the numbered slots on thecart to the same number slot on the machine.

You can even dedicate on cart foruse when removing the tape feeders from the previous job and

another for the current set-upminimizing changeover time.


Dimension:1000 x 600 x 1200 mm, L x W x H

Rack:           Stainless steel

Structure:    2 layers, 56pieces per layer

                    With fourmetal flexible castors

SMModel feeder compatible

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