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GIC-F02 FUJI CP6 Feeder Calibration JIG

GIC-F02 FUJI CP6 Feeder Calibration JIG

 It is essential for this equipment thatenhanced productivity , installation and quality improvement

 As the high efficiency vision camera isasked in order to investigate precisely and repair the error of device positionwhich results from the modification and wear of tape feeder in the SMD device.

 The Feeder, which supplies resources in theSMT production line, should be under clear condition continuously because ithas relatively close correclation with the quality of a current line,production efficiency and loss

Convenience in use---------

The acquisition for the rectangularcoordinate of X-Y direction.

Check for the existence, transformation,user in the feeder

The installation is to euip it with actualdevice and consolidation in feeder base

Lens` safe arrival part, CCD Camera, theprecise micro controller of X, Y, Z axis

The automatic (or semi-automatic), ICtransfer device can move IC to the specific area(point)

The simple calibration for removing ortaking feeder easily

It is correction as measurement with CCDCamera.

Timer control make it pssible to change theIC pick-u time.

The use pressure is able to control in theregulator and air cylinder.

Verification and correction availableworker`s convenience and well carriage by the work desk.


Overall size  500 x 350 x 550 mm , L x W x H

Type Pneumatic / Manual

Monitor : 12” LED display, with cross mark

Camera : CCD, 50 times magnification

Object of Feeder  CP series

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