JUKI High-speed Small Module SMT Machine RX-8 has Released ,30% Increase in Productivity

JUKI High-speed Small Module SMT Machine RX-8 has Released ,30% Increase in Productivity

On July 21, 2021, JUKI released the "High Speed Small Modular Mounter RX-8" to the world for high-speed mounting of electronic components and significant improvement in production efficiency.

In the installation engineering of printed circuit boards, the RX-8 mounting machine uses two mounting heads to quickly mount parts with a size of 0.4 mm × Chip parts with a square shape of 0.2 mm to 5mm and a height of 3mm, as well as extremely small components such as small ICs.

The number of suction nozzles for the mounting head has increased from 16 to 20 (per head), increasing the number of parts that can be sucked in one go. As a result, with the same compact size as the original RX-7 model, it has achieved high-speed mounting of 100000 CPH 1.3 times higher than the previous generation and the highest level of area productivity of the 2-head mounting machine.

In addition, the new mounting head (P20 planetary mounting head) is most suitable for continuous mounting of the same part, and has also achieved high-quality production in lighting using LED edge lights and panel substrates.

In recent years, with the comprehensive launch of 5G (the fifth generation mobile communication system) in the market and the development of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and sensing, there has been a demand for various products such as smartphones, wearable devices, next-generation cars, and service robots. At the installation site of electronic substrates, it is not only necessary to introduce high processing capacity equipment, but also to build a flexible SMT production line that can handle multiple types of production, and achieve the intelligence of the entire factory through the combination of the system.

By combining RX-8 and high-speed intelligent modular SMT machine "RS-1R", a high-speed and high-quality SMT production line can be built for a wide range of production varieties. In addition, through the joint installation of integrated system software "JaNets", including visualization of operational conditions, it contributes to improving the overall production efficiency of the factory.

In the future, JUKI will also focus on the theme of "JUKI Smart Solutions" to solve customer production site problems, and provide services for building intelligent factories.

The high-speed mounting of 100000 CPH and the highest level of area achieved the highest specification of 100000 CPH in a compact size of 998mm wide (optimal conditions). Realized space saving and high productivity.

The new type of mounting head (P20 planetary head) enables higher precision mounting of the new P20 planetary head. It goes without saying that chips and small ICs use high-precision LED edge lights for lighting and panel substrate production, and wearable devices are also the most suitable for production.

The construction of flexible production lines and the combination of high-quality production and high-speed intelligent modular device RS-1R can construct flexible production lines corresponding to a wide range of production varieties. In addition, by connecting the pre and post installation engineering machines and our company's entire product line, including printing machines and inspection machines, we achieve high-speed and high-quality production.

Support the overall production management and efficiency improvement of the factory through the use of the integrated installation system software "JaNets", led by the production management of the installation production line, and can also collaborate with the backbone system. Visualize the production progress, equipment operation status, and error reports at the installation site, and quickly respond to them to support the optimal operation of the production line.

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