Yamaha’s YRi-V Offers Fastest 3D AOI on the Market Today

Yamaha’s YRi-V Offers Fastest 3D AOI on the Market Today

Yamaha Motor Intelligent Machinery (IM) offers the fastest 3D automated optical inspection on the market today in the YRi-V hybrid 3D multi-purpose AOI system. Designed to serve all markets that require ultra-high speed and precision 3D inspections, YRi-V systems feature mounted coaxial lighting and 12um, 7um, 5μm lense options that support high-accuracy and high-speed performance.

The YRi-V can achieve 56.8cm2/sec. inspection speeds under optimum conditions, with accuracy ensured by its 8-way projectors and 4-way oblique imaging through its 20 Megapixel angle cameras. Lens/coaxial lighting options ensure very high resolution, well-suited to device inspection. Notable features include the following:
  • New 5um resolution for narrow pitch 0201mm devices; 
  • New co-axial lighting system for finding defects in reflective surfaces; • New camera and projector system that offers improved inspection capability; 
  • New AI supported easy programming and job creation;
  • New unified YR platform machine interface.


Most notably, YRi-V can convey large PCBs, with L610mm and W610mm dimensions as standard. The dual lane system can convey large PCBs with W320mm on the two lanes. Additionally, the newlydeveloped Dual Lane system can operate dynamically with 1 fixed and 3 moving rails. The system can be easily connected to upstream and downstream equipment; this contributes to establishing dual lane flexibility.


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