ESD Products

ESD Products

Antistatic Production Line

Features of Antistatic Production Line 1. Made of stainless steel material, sturdy and durable, with strong load-bearing capacity, it can accommodate various items without deformation, fracture, and durability. 2. Se

Printer Cleaning Cloth

Features of Printer Cleaning Cloth Fine texture, smooth and burr free, inner bag packaging, Vacuum packing, strong cleaning performance, rapid cleaning without residue.   Specification of Printer Cleaning Cloth

Intelligent desktop Ionizing Air Blower

Features of Intelligent desktop Ionizing Air Blower Small size, light weight, portable design, stable ion balance. Adopting an internationally advanced closed-loop control system, the circuit can automatically contro

Intelligent Ionizing Air Blower

Features of Intelligent double head Ionizing Air Blower 1. Exquisite appearance, finely crafted, novel design, modern intelligence, and fully functional. 2. Automatic cleaning function of transmitter brush, deeper

Intelligent ion air rod

Features of Intelligent ion air rod Air nozzle discharge electrode is replaceable, rotary mounting, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance.Annular discharge removes static electricity 360 degrees.   Specificati

Red ion wind rod

Features of Red ion wind rod The air pressure of the aluminum alloy wind rod can be adjusted, and it can be used for blowing and not blowing. Blowing recommended installation distance 30-100CM; It is recommended to in