Yamaha Launches YRM20DL Dual Lane High Efficiency Mounter

Yamaha Launches YRM20DL Dual Lane High Efficiency Mounter

Yamaha Motor Intelligent Machinery (IM) announces the launch of the new YRM20DL surface mounter, a dual-lane version of our latest flagship mounter, the YRM20. The YRM20DL can accommodate various dual-lane production methods. In a wide range of SMT production lines, from high-volume production to high-mix production, the YRM20DL significantly reduces transfer loss and other losses, and improves productivity.

By revising the layout in the machine and further optimizing the motion control of the X-Y axis, the world's highest productivity in its class of 120,000 CPH is achieved. In addition, high-accuracy mounting of +/-15µm (Cpk>=1.0) is achieved by improving the rigidity of the newly developed conveyor and the mount position compensation function.

In dual lane production mode, the maximum board width is 12.9” (330 mm) when boards of the same width are conveyed in two lanes. In single-lane production mode, where only one of the two lanes is used, the system can transfer boards up to 31.8” (810 mm) in length, 24.0” (610 mm) in width, 6.6lbs (3 kg) in transportable weight, and 0.25” (6.5 mm) in maximum board thickness.

Also, the laser unit's board height measurement and low static load nozzle reduce stress on tiny components during mounting.

In making the announcement, George Babka, Sales General Manager, stated, “The new YRM20DL brings dual lane performance to the already high-efficiency, high speed performance introduced this past year in the flagship multi-head YRM20 mounter. Plus, it brings to bear YAMAHA ’ s remarkable “Overdrive” motion that allows placements on the same board at the same time by minimizing the interference range between 2 heads to achieve the highest speed level in its class.” Additionally, the YRM20DL still boasts the unique features of an odd-shaped components-capable in-line FM head, an ultra-wide range head capable of handling components ranging from tiny 03015mm chips to tall components to 30mm and ultra-large components of 55 x 100mm. High-speed PCB conveying dramatically cuts the time needed for PCB changeovers.

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