DEK ASM E by Stencil Printer

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  • DEK ASM E by Stencil Printer?imageView2/1/w/71/w/71
  • DEK ASM E by Stencil Printer?imageView2/1/w/71/w/71
  • DEK ASM E by Stencil Printer?imageView2/1/w/71/w/71
  • DEK ASM E by Stencil Printer?imageView2/1/w/71/w/71
  • DEK ASM E by Stencil Printer?imageView2/1/w/71/w/71

DEK ASM E by Stencil Printer

  • Premium software
  • Offline programming
  • Modular and retrofit table
  • Variable, semi-automatic stencil mounting
  • Programmable under stencil cleaning
  • Short cycle times
  • Process control/monitoring

Product Details
Features of DEK ASM E by Stencil Printer
1.E by DEK with high-quality components, sophisticated construction, and modular design that guarantees a stable and reliable printing process even for the latest fine-pitch applications.
2. With 8 seconds core shortest cycle times and the fastest product changeovers paired with maximum repeat accuracy.
3. Clearly structured, and each number provides a strong argument.

Specification of DEK ASM E by Stencil Printer
Automatic Fiducial Setup
Fast Print Speed
Small Fiducial
Speed Up
Tooling Deviation Monitoring
Vision Plus
Windows 7 Operating System

Blue USC Alternative Park
DUI Hardware And Time To Go
Squeegee Pressure Feedback
Temperature/Humidity Sensor
E by DEK Logo

IUSC 400 cleaner with VF25
Hawkeye 750 Camera
Squeegee Pressure feedback
WIN7 system
C-CHASE Screen frame for 29" Screen

500mm Board clamp
Alignment   > 2.0 Cmk @ ± 12.5 μm (± 6 sigma)
System alignment capability  > 2.0 Cmk @ ± 25 μm (± 6 sigma)
Optimum core cycle time 8 seconds
Substrate size 50 mm (X) x 40.5 mm (Y) to 620 mm (X) x 508.5 mm (Y)
Operating System Windows 7 Embedded
Squeegee pressure mechanism Software-controlled, motorized with closed loop feedback
 Stencil positioning  Semi-auto stencil load with drip tray
 Under stencil cleaning Interchangeable under stencil cleaner (IUSC), fully programmable with wet/dry/vacuum wipe
 Adjustable-width stencil mount (AWSM) Frame variants - fully adjustable to accommodate frame sizes in the range of 381 mm to 736 mm
Substrate thickness 0.2 mm to 6 mm
Substrate weight (maximum) 6 kg
Substrate warpage Substrate warpage
Substrate fixture Over the top clamp ,Edge clamp ,Foil-less clamp ,Vacuum
Temperature & humidity sensor Monitoring of the process environment

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4. KINGSUNs engineering team is proficient in English and Technology, no communication issues.

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1. We can provide SMT full line solutions and debugging services.
2. We can provide technical personnel training for customers.
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